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The 8 kinds of cats with the highest abandonment rate need to be raised carefully, many people can't

Since you decide to keep a cat, you must be prepared to be responsible for your cat for the rest of its life, and don't give up your cat easily. The following are the 8 types of cats with the highest abandonment rate. Care should be taken to raise them, because many people cannot accept them!

Calico cat

TOP.1 Calico cat

Average lifespan: 13~17 years

Disadvantages: unstable personality, love to bite people, not easy to trust people, too strong fertility

Feeding advice:

Most of the calico cats are female cats with strong breeding ability. If you don't want them to have kittens, it is recommended to take the calico cat for sterilization as soon as possible.



TOP.2 Tanuki

Average lifespan: 15~18 years

Disadvantages: will run away from home, wild, love to scratch people

Feeding advice:

If you keep a raccoon cat, don't ignore it for a long time, or it will run away from home because of it. I don't want the Tanuki to be wild, it is recommended to let it adapt to indoor breeding from a young age.


3 Big Orange Cat

TOP.3 Big Orange Cat

Average lifespan: 12 to 16 years

Disadvantages: very gluttonous, easy to get fat, easy to run away with others

Feeding advice:

Once the big orange cat is overweight, it is easy to cause some kidney diseases, arthritis, etc., which greatly shortens the life of the orange cat. If you want orange cats to live longer, you must pay attention to control your diet and weight.


Felis silvestris catus

TOP.4 Felis silvestris catus

Average lifespan: 10~13 years

Disadvantages: There are cartilage genetic diseases, feeding is very expensive, difficult to care for

Feeding advice:

If you have certain economic conditions, you can choose to raise a Felis silvestris catus, and it is recommended to adopt instead of buying. If you can't be responsible for it for a lifetime, don't keep a Felis silvestris catus lightly.


Cow Cat

TOP.5 Cow Cat

Average lifespan: 10~14 years

Disadvantages: too energetic, easy to tear down, too arrogant

Feeding advice:

The cow cat is too energetic, not only easy to dismantle the house, but also parkour at night, disturbing the owner's rest, it is recommended to interact with it during the day, train it, and consume its physical strength.


British Shorthair

TOP.6 British Shorthair

Average lifespan: 13~15 years

Disadvantages: greedy and easy to gain weight, very serious hair loss, very curious, vengeful

Feeding advice:

Once British Shorthair cats are overweight, they should formulate a weight loss plan in time, and choose a cat food with medium and low fat content to control their weight and lose weight.



TOP.7 Garfield

Average lifespan: 6 to 10 years

Disadvantages: genetic disease, prone to severe tears, very lazy

Feeding advice:

Due to the short nasal cavity and too much exercise, Garfield is prone to breathing difficulties, so he is usually lazy. It is recommended that the shoveling officer control the time well, use cat sticks and cat treats to interact with it, and increase the amount of exercise.



TOP.8 Ragdoll

Average lifespan: 12 to 14 years

Disadvantages: fragile stomach, severe hair loss, difficult to manage hair

Feeding advice:

Ragdoll cats have fragile stomachs, so it is recommended to regularly feed some probiotics to regulate their stomachs. It is best to choose a cat food that contains probiotics.

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