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These 5 kinds of cats are the first choice, they are not only beautiful, but also cheap and easy to

These 5 kinds of cats are the first choice, they are not only beautiful, but also cheap and easy to

Many people have the idea of raising cats because of their cuteness. If you want to raise cats, I suggest you have these 5 best. Not only are they beautiful, but the key is that they are cheap and easy to raise.

1.Orange cat - the big stomach king of the cat world

Orange cat - the big stomach king of the cat world

Price: 0~200 yuan (the price in China is for reference only)

Personality: Kind, gentle, not afraid of human

The orange cat has always been very gentle and won't get angry casually. No matter how much the owner kneads it,it won't get angry.It can be said that it is the cat with the best personality in the cat world! Moreover, the orange cat is not very picky about the environment and food, as long as they have something to eat, and the orange cat is very adaptable and can quickly integrate into the new environment. Even if it runs away one day, it will not starve to death. Where can I find such a cheap and easy-to-raise orange cat?

2. Chausie - the most beautiful cat in the pastoral cat

Chausie - the most beautiful cat in the pastoral cat

Price: 100~800 yuan

Personality: Loyal, sticky, honest

The Chausie is the most beautiful cat among the pastoral cats. It looks immortal and elegant, and is often compared with the ragdoll cat. The Chausie looks as good as the ragdoll cat.Moreover, the Chausie also has the excellent physique of the pastoral cat. It is strong, not easy to get sick, and very easy to feed. This is much better than the ragdoll cat with a fragile stomach. It is not only beautiful, but also very cheap and easy to raise.

3. Cows cats - drama people in the cat world

Cows cats - drama people in the cat world

Price: 0~500 yuan

Personality: Nervous, lively

One of the famous points of the cow cat is that it often does some whimsical behaviors that make people incomprehensible, but because of its interesting personality and unique behavior, it can make the owner happy, so it is also liked by many people. As a dramatist in the cat world, cow cats do not need to spend a lot of money to buy them. If you want to raise cats, you can choose cow cats first, and you should have a strong sense of cat raising experience.

4. American Shorthair - Athlete

 American Shorthair - Athlete

Price: 800~2000 yuan

Personality: Human, well-behaved, lively

The American Shorthair cat is one of the better pet cats and generally does not get sick easily. Therefore, raising American Shorthair cats is also very cost-effective and worry-free, and American Shorthair cats are smart, well-behaved, docile, and like to get along with humans. They are very good pet companions.

But the American Shorthair has a more lively personality, likes to play, is energetic, and occasionally disruptive. Therefore, the pet owner had better play with it more, which can satisfy the cat's amount of exercise. When playing with some snacks, the cat will be happier.

5. British Shorthair - Fatty Cat

British Shorthair - Fatty Cat

Price: 800~3000 yuan

Personality: quiet, gentle

The reason why the British Shorthair cat has always been popular is that its chubby face and round body make it look very cute and cute, and it feels very comfortable to touch. It is a cute and easy-to-touch cat.

In addition, British Shorthair cats are mature and stable in character. They like to accompany their owners quietly and are less noisy. They are very suitable for companionship. Moreover, British Shorthair cats are very easy to satisfy and are not picky about food. So if you are a novice cat owner, it is really right to suggest that you prefer the British shorthair cat. The British shorthair cat is not only good-looking, but also cheap and easy to raise.

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