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The best cats to keep

American bobtail

Cute cats. Therefore, it is a favorite pet of many people. If you want to raise cats, you can choose the following types of cats. They are very easy to raise. Many people who have raised them have said that they do not want to change cats after raising them.

civet cat

1.civet cat


The raccoon cat is our Chinese good cat. When it comes to a good cat, it must not be missed. The civet cat has good physical fitness, rarely gets sick, and has strong adaptability and excellent hunting ability. Even if it is allowed to survive alone, it can live well. The most important thing is that civet cats are not picky about food at all, which is really worry-free. Many people say that they don't want to change cats after raising them.

Feeding suggestions: The civet cat is energetic and likes to exercise, so it is best to prepare a larger living space for it.

American bobtail

2.American bobtail


American bobtail is a cat from the United States, beautiful and cute, very lovable. American bobtail is also a very strong cat, and is also known as the "fitness expert of the cat world" because of its muscular development. If you're looking to own a cat, you really might want to consider an American bobtail, they're patient, docile, and never lose their temper or bark. This American bobtail has a good personality and good resistance. After raising it, I really don't want to change cats.

Feeding suggestions: American short cats like to climb, pet owners can prepare some cat climbing frames for them to play!

Munchkin cat

3.Munchkin cat


Mankikang cats are also known as "short-legged cats" and "corgi cats". They have short limbs and are wobbly when they walk, making them very cute. Although the legs of the Mankikang cat are very short, it will not affect its running and climbing speed in the slightest, and its body is also very healthy. The Mankikang cat has a good personality, is lively, cheerful, and friendly, and can get along well with humans and other animals. This is a very independent cat. It can play well by itself, eat and sleep by itself, and does not need the pet owner to worry too much. It is very suitable for novice breeding.

Feeding suggestions: The limbs of the Mankikang cat are relatively short, and the belly is easy to stick to the ground, so it is easy to get the belly dirty. The pet should wipe its belly more to keep it clean.

Pomeranian cat

4. Pomeranian cat


The Pomeranian is native to the United Kingdom and is a cross between the Burmese cat and the Chinchilla longhair cat. They are very friendly, sociable, and know how to please their owners. In addition, Pomeranians have strong disease resistance. As long as they are fed properly, they will rarely get sick. They are very worry-free and are the first choice for cats.

Feeding suggestions: Pomeranian cats are smart and intelligent. As long as they master certain skills, it is not particularly difficult to train them. The pet owner can match it with snacks as a reward, give it some training, it can learn a lot of skills, and it will also add a lot of fun to your life.




Calico is a cat with three colors of black, red (orange) and white. It is a kind of Chinese pastoral cat, and it is also a very good cat. Calico is docile and independent. When the master is busy, he can entertain himself. When the master is free, he sticks to the master, plays with the master, and is very sensible. Moreover, Calico is not only strong, not easy to get sick, but also not hypocritical or picky eaters. Even a novice can raise it well. It is definitely the first choice for raising cats, and after raising it, you will not want to change cats again.

Feeding advice: Calico sheds a lot of hair. The pet owner should help it brush more often, and keep the diet light. It is best to choose cat food with beautiful hair as the staple food.Usually with some egg yolks, carrots, etc. as complementary food, the hair of the Calico is even more beautiful.

Which cats do you think are particularly easy to keep?

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